Padded Raised Toilet Seat Riser

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Padded Raised Toilet Seat Riser


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The Padded Raised Toilet Seat Riser by Drive Medical was manufactured to assist individuals who need a boost sitting down or standing up from the toilet. The padded seat was designed with an open front making this raised toilet seat extremely easy to use all while ensuring your independence. The elevated toilet riser has four locking clamps which stabilize the seat in place plus the adjustability of both angle and height ensure a perfect fit. For consumers who have difficulty bending this raised seat provides the user with a simpler solution when using the toilet. This seat is easy to clean allowing for proper hygiene using everyday household cleaning products. Drive Medicals Padded Raised Toilet Seat Riser was manufactured to provide extra comfort and safety when using your toilet.


Designed for individuals who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from the toilet. Padded seat provides extra comfort. Open seat promotes patient independence. Four adjustable locking clamps provide versatility. Adjustable angle and seat height. Lightweight and portable. Easily attaches to the toilet bowl and locks in place with two rear locks. No tools required for installation. Easy to clean. Fits most toilets. Raised seat adjusts to different angles and the opening can be positioned at 90 degree increments to the front.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Warranty N/A
Specification N/A
Folded Depth N/A
Taller Handle Height N/A
Option No
Distance Between Rear Wheels N/A
User Size Universal
Product Installation Tool Free Installation
Product Assembly No Assembly Required
Going Green No
Color No
Allergy Latex Free
Hcpcs Billing Code No
Requires Prescription No
Upc 822383117768
Barcode No
Product Warranty Info Limited Lifetime Warranty
Product Weight Capacity 300
Unit Of Measure 1/cs
Outside Leg Width No
Outside Leg Depth No
Seat Width 16"
Seat Depth 15.5"
Seat Height 5"
Adjustable Clamp No
Height No
Spray Options No
Hose Length No
Width Between Arms No
Width No
Length No
Length Adjustment No
Seat Length No
Sitting Height No
Backrest Height No
Backrest Width No
Backrest Reclines No
Base Plate Width No
Depth No
Handle Height No
Seat Dimension No
Product Width Between Arms No
Bar Length No
Reinforced Nylon Hose No
Suction Cup Diameter No
Seat Height Range No
Recline No
Powerlift And Recline No
Tubing Width No
Handle To Floor Height No
Seat To Floor Height No
Sling Seat No
Cane Handle Height No
Underarm Height No
User Height No
Recommended User Height No
Fits Cane Tubing Diameter No
Lowest Height No
Highest Height No
Outside Width No
Width Open No
Back Height No
Length Without Footrests No
Arm Height From Seat No
Shape No
Gel Type No
Intensity Control No
Pulse Frequency No
Pulse Width No
Wave Form No
Pulse Amplitude No
Wave Delivery No
Contraction Time No
Relaxation Time No
Ramp Time No
Modulation Selector No
Mode Selector No
Pulse Rate No
Bed Height No
Overall Length No
Overall Width No
Bed Height Min No
Bed Height Max No
Dimensions Setup No
Dimensions Folded No
Open Basket Height No
Open Basket Width No
Open Basket Depth No
Overall Height No
Folded Basket Width No
Folded Basket Length No
Folded Basket Height No
Diameter No
Handle Width No
Ceiling Size No
Handle No
Capacity No
Handle Length No
Width Folded No
Bag Height No
Bag Width No
Bag Length No
Bag Material No
Wheel Diameter No
Product Size No
Overall Dimension No
Scooter Dimension No
Base Weight No
Battery Weight No
Seat Weight No
Total Weight No
Battery No
Charger No
Charging Time Hrs No
Front Wheel No
Rear Wheel No
Anti Tip Wheel No
Driving System No
Brake System No
Control Method No
Top Speed No
Turning Radius No
Climbing Angle No
Cruising Range No
Charging Time, Hrs No
Max Speed No
Max Range No
Ground Clearance No
Floor To Seat Height No
Controller No
Batteries No
Brakes No
Front Wheels No
Rear Wheels No
Dimensions No
Seat Dimensions No
Motor Drive System No
Weight Capacity No
Top Range No
Drive System No
Heaviest Piece No
Dimensions Lxwxh No
Seat Dimensions Wxdxh No
Caster Wheels No
Drive Wheels No
Power No
Input Frequency No
Pressure Range No
Air Flow No
Functions No
Power Cord Length No
Ul No
Maximum Current No
Elevated Perimeter No
Pump Width No
Pump Height No
Pump Length No
Mattress Width No
Mattress Length No
Mattress Height No
Topper Material No
Base Material No
Tabletop Height No
Tabletop Width No
Tabletop Depth No
Base Width No
Base Depth No
Table Tray Width No
Table Tray Depth No
Total Height No
Total Width No
Total Depth No
Width Between Leg No
Boom Length No
Sling Point No
Design No
Cradle Points No
Depth Base No
Seat Diameter No
Seat Padding No
Door Width No
Boom Height No
Base Opened Width No
Base Closed Width No
Base Height No
Base Clearance No
Casters No
Adjustable Height No
Hinged Panel Height No
Hinged Panel Width No
Activation Cord No
Two Volume Settings No
Cord No
Rail Width No
Rail Height No
Rail Depth No
Board Length No
Board Width No
Board Height No
Floor To Arm Height No
Seat To Arm Height No
Floor To Footrest Height No
Step Surface Width No
Step Surface Depth No
Step Height No
Sling Points No
Rail Length No
Boom Maximum Height No
Weight Limit No
Maximum Pressure No
Operating Pressure No
Liter Flow No
Case No
Prescription Required No
Widest Finger Size Range No
Low Battery Signal No
Pulse Rate Display No
Temperature No
Operating Altitude No
Catheter Tube No
Machine Tube No
Filter Type No
Purity No
Flow Rate No
Battery Life No
Max Output No
Liter Flow Increments No
Continuous Flow Setting No
Operating Pressure Range No
Holds Cylinders No
Basket Dimensions No
Handle Height Max No
Front Caster Size No
Rear Caster Size No
Inside Hand Grip Width No
Inside Back Leg Width No
Base Opened Depth No
Wheel Size No
Width Closed No
Length With Riggings No
Width Opened No
Overall Open Width No
Overall Closed Width No
Overall Length With Riggings No
Depth Seat No
Arms To Floor Height No
Wheels No
Rear Glides No
Height Adjustments No
Adjustments No
Inside Back Leg Width: No
Tubing Diameter No
Pad Height No
Pad Width No
Pad Depth No
Width Inside Hand Grip No
Width Inside Back Leg No
Depth Opened At Base No
Overall Width Open No
Overall Width Closed No
Overall Length W Riggings No
Front Rigging No
Overall Length W Riggings No
Overall Length W Riggins No
Tray Size No
Accommodates Wheelchairs No
Adjustable For Cylinders No
Operating Angle No
Handlebar Height No
Inside Handle Grip Width No
Handlebar Height Range No
Inside Width No
Armrest Length No
Handlebar To Armrest Height No
Opened At Base Depth No
Extension Height No
Inside Handlebar Width No
Open Base Depth No
Distance Between Laterals No
Laterals No
Seat To Laterals No
Seat To Footplate No
Seat To Armrest No
Distance Between Armrests No
Hip Guides Height No
Hip Guides Depth No
Distance Between Hip Guides No
Lateral Height No
Lateral Depth No
Headrest No
Overall Depth With Riggings No
Seat To Floor No
Outside Length No
Width Between Handlebars No
Harness Width No
Harness Depth No
Oxygen Saturation Display Range No
Distance Between Laterals On Stabilizer No
Deck Height Range No
Deck Surface Width No
Deck Surface Length No
Package No
Call For Price N/A
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